When you become a parent, whether in body, or in spirit, you are ushered into a secret club, giving you a depth of experience and fellowship that I call, ‘The Brotherhood of Motherhood’.

You’re never the same again, and better for it.

You see the beauty in the eyes of your child and wonder…

Could your mom or dad have loved you as much as you love this little one?

Of course they did. And you probably called to apologize for not appreciating them. 

You work so hard to keep that baby alive and realize that YOU are only here because someone worked hard to keep you alive when you were a helpless infant.   Your Life itself is proof that you are meant to be here. Yes. You are loved.

You’re seeing a bigger picture. 

In moments of deep reflection you may begin to see that each person walking down the street was once a beautiful baby who deserved the same love you have for your own child. And suddenly all become one in love, the foundation of humanity

YOU deserve to be loved and cared for, too. 

You’ve been loving others.

Are you ready to be TRULY  loved, yourself?

Before I had children, I thought I knew what ‘real love’ meant: Always giving in, never allowing myself to have a negative emotion (including admitting pain or needing anything for myself).

I was employing the survival strategy I learned growing up:


I was like a ‘Stepford Wife’, robotically doing as I was told.

 The more I stuffed my feelings to please others, the further they got away from me.

I tried really hard to be the person I thought I was supposed to be.

But pretty soon I didn’t feel anything.


It wasn’t working. I asked myself:

“Something’s missing. Is it ME?”

You’ve been giving all along. To everyone but yourself.

It took many years to discover how to make love REALLY work.

Like a stool that will fall over without at least three legs, 

there are THREE FOUNDATIONS of a truly loving relationship.

I’ll be sharing what they are in my upcoming Webinar: 


I want you to receive the highest love you are meant to have.

In this free webinar you will learn:

1- How to spot what’s holding you back. 

2- How ‘The BIG Picture’ makes you more loving.

3- How loving YOURSELF can make you MORE LOVEABLE to others.

And more…

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I’ll LOOK for YOU on the other side!

Ruth Elliott-HILSDON, Mom of 7,
Founder and Director of Edu Designs,
Emmy Award Winning Animation Artist,
Musician, Author and Coach to
Spirit Led Supermoms. 




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    I just finished reading your amazing 9 TIPS TO KEEP YOU FROM FREAKING OUT! As a coach to parents of tweens and teens, one of my key messages is calm parenting…you give excellent FOUNDATIONAL keys to helping parents become more responsive rather than reactive. So practical. So true.

    Deaunna Evans
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    “Ruth Elliot Hilsdon, founder of EDU DESIGNS is a unique and genuinely heart-centered person. I have known her for years and watched her raise her 7 children into socially aware and contributing adults. As Director of EDU DESIGNS she continues to ‘walk her talk’ by selflessly sharing her knowledge, experience and expertise, giving children a creative foundation that enriches and balances their lives… and ours as well.”
    Gary Schindler
    Attorney, American Airlines
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    “I am a teacher in a head start program in Tuscaloosa, AL, children ages 3-5yrs. Most of these children have behavior issues and are being put on time out constantly but none of that seemed to work… After listening to you speak on TV today, I decided to get to your website. I will use your material in my classroom to help these children. Thanks for all you do. God bless you!”

    Mrs. Appiah-Opoku


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