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Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon,  Author, Animator & Speaker says,

You CAN be Happy!

Peace and Happiness

begin on the INSIDE



While raising 7 kids, I became an Emmy Award Winning Animation Artist.

But all along, the deepest burden on my heart was for my children.

 NO success in the world  compensates for failure at HOME. 

I worked so hard... But I felt like a FAILURE.

I lost sleep trying to get everything done and consequently gained 25 pounds.

With my feet in two boats, I was losing balance.

One day I remember screaming at the kids.

I saw their sad faces and I knew I had gone over the edge.

I ran to the bathroom, crying out,

“Oh GOD! What’s happening to me?

I used to be such a nice person!”


I was determined to find answers to the problems I was facing.

If we were to survive, I needed to master MYSELF while juggling the kids, the job and my marriage.

I ran back to the children and told them I was sorry. That it wasn’t their fault.

I was under stress from too much to do.

Amazingly, the kids said they wanted to help!

That very night we figured out the chores they could help with.

It came to be the beginning of my creation of GoMommyGO® charts.


Are YOU struggling with overwhelm?

Imprisoned by fear, shame or anger?

Don’t suffer as long as I did. 

You ALREADY HAVE keys to unlock the door.  LOVE is the biggest key of all. If you can learn to love yourself the way you love everyone else you can find the way through. I used to be a "Give-a-holic"until I realized I was  trying to 'deserve' love by over giving.

FIND your peace

BECOME the person YOU can love!