Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon,  Author, Animator & Speaker


From the Inside Out

Peace and happiness begin within you.

YOU can create the energy and focus you need


While raising our seven kids, my husband insisted I work to help support the family.

I HAD to work, but all along, the deepest burden of my heart was for my children. 

I knew that NO success in the world could compensate for failure at home.

So I lost sleep to get everything done and gained 25 pounds.

As my self esteem shrank, my waistline grew.


One day I remember screaming a the kids and then running to the bathroom crying,

“Oh GOD! What’s happening to me?

I used to be such a nice person!”

  was the turning point  that would change my life – and my KIDS lives – forever

I saw their sad faces and knew I had gone over the edge.

I was determined to find answers to the overwhelming problems I was facing.

If we were to survive, I needed to learn HOW to master MYSELF

while juggling kids, work and a difficult marriage.

Scouring the universe for answers, I found them.

Secrets to eliminate stress,  get things done

and keep my sanity and relationships intact.

Are you imprisoned by fear, shame or anger?

YOU don’t need to suffer as long as I did. 

I found keys to unlock the prison!

These are Keys that help you:

MANAGE stress!

FIND your peace!

GET your needs met, and

BECOME the person YOU can love!

Do you WANT them?

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